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Marble Surface

 How we work 

With ALSI Capital, investors can acquire properties starting at $300,000 and create a privately held asset portfolio where they have complete control and direct pricing. Every step from acquisition to delivery of the keys is managed and supervised by ALSI’s team. ALSI works hand in hand with our clients to acquire the best opportunities:

  • Identification of distressed property opportunities for vacation rents.

  • Analyze acquisition, rehab, and stabilization of property.

  • Research market comps and market trends in the property vicinity, searching for key indicators of growth and customer expectations of remodeled properties in the area.

  • Ensure clients receive immediate appraisal appreciation once the property is rehabbed.

​ Requirements  

  • Proof of funds $300k - $1MM (Depending on Project Size).

  • Deposit of 10% (Escrow account).

  • Limited liability corporation (incorporation / creation assisted by us).

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